Waste Water Treatment Technologies.

We thrive to improve our environment by developing and marketing waste water treatment related technologies around the globe. We are partnered with Enviro-Mix to licence or transfer waste water treatment technologies.

Innovative Mixing Technology is focused on providing treatment products designed to create uniformly mixed solids throughout the basin.  The product intelligence allows operators to set mixing sequences based on multiple variables including flow rate, depth, total treatment area, and more.

All installations provide mixing in liquids by introducing short bursts of compressed air through engineered nozzles affixed to the floor of the tank or reactor. Electrical power requirements are limited to the power to operate the compressed air source and the programmable logic controllers in the control panels.

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Municipal and Industrial Wastewater facilities are facing increasingly stringent regulatory requirements regarding the need to meet effluent water quality standards for both total nitrogen (TN) and phosphorous (P).   Treatment plants that use only traditional treatment methods risk the inability to meet pending changes to treatment standards . Nationwide, we have experienced the effect of excess nutrients in wastewater treatment effluent into receiving waters and the alarming growth of algae causing aquatic life to diminish in areas such as the Chesapeake Bay. The EPA estimated in 2007 that 25% of all water body impairments were due to nutrient-related causes. 

EnviroMix is committed to being a part of the nutrient removal solution with focus on helping treatment plants reach current and future effluent standards.  Our BioCycle Product is specifically designed to support intermittant aeration, sequencing between air and mixing to optimize energy and solve nutrient removal challenges.   

James Zhang,
Jan 20, 2014, 12:23 PM