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Quality Services

Our experienced professionals provide superior quality services to our customers in East Asia and North America. 
  • Equipment inspection. We provides 3rd party inspection of equipment, which includes machinery, gages, testing instrument, assembly lines...etc. per customer specification as well as any other documented requirement. Our detailed reports are based on objective facts and are professional.
  • Pre-shipment inspection. We will inspect the goods per your instructions or applicable standards prior to the shipment of the goods to ensure the quality when you receive them.
  • Container inspection. Linxyn provides on site inspection for both new built and used containers. Detailed reports will be provided with serial numbers of the containers for traceability. 
  • Engineering  inspection. Our highly qualified engineers will inspect and audit the process strictly following the procedures and standards  during the course of manufacturing, installation and commissioning of power generation equipment, chemical equipment, and other equipment so that quality is built in every step of the process.
  • Equipment run off, which includes capability study, measurement system analysis, safety risk assessment, standard compliance...,etc. 
  • Plant audit. Our auditor will provide a 360 degree review of the plants' capability and capacity to help you make informed business decision.
  • 3rd party PPAP. Linxyn monitors and reports PPAP run on behalf customers to ensure that PPAP run result meets agreed criteria.



James Zhang,
Sep 3, 2016, 9:21 AM